How to Add a Buyer



Click on the Buyers tab at the top of your screen, and then you can click the 2nd button, Add a Buyer.


Once we’re in the Buyer Details, we can fill out any pertinent information, like how they heard about us, and what Type of buyer they are, or a Custom Buyer Type if you’ve created any.  You can have as many Buyer Types as you want, and you can mark your buyers as one or more of these Buyer Types. These Buyer Types can be used throughout the system, whether you want to email buyers of a particular type. For example, let’s say I have a property that just came up and I want to filter all of my Investor buyers and then send them an email alert about that potential deal.  That’s one good use of Buyer Types.  Also, in Step 7 of the Executable Steps of a Saved Property, you’ll be able to email particular buyers about deal.  I encourage you to categorize your Buyers however it works for you. Then you can choose whether or not this person wants to receive emails.  

On the left-hand side is all of the basic information like address, phone number, email, etc.  On the right-hand side are all of the basic questions that we would want to ask potential buyers, like how many adults, children, pets, preferred or secondary area, time-frame, desired bedrooms, baths, garage, and what types of properties they’re looking for.  In addition to any financial questions such as monthly payments they can afford, down payment, and their credit rating and credit score.  

Then at the bottom, if you’re talking to a potential Investor, there are Investor specific questions for the Investor.  All of this information and these questions are here for your Buyer Details. Once you fill out all of the information, you’ll click Save down at the bottom right, and that will add this buyer to your Buyers list. 

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