How to Manage Your Buyers


To get to your Buyers, click on the Buyers tab at the top of the screen


All of the different things that you can do with the buyers are associated with all of the buttons running across the top.  

  • The first button is the Actions button.  This button is meant to perform bulk operations on one or more selected buyers, such as emailing a buyer or deleting a buyer.  
  • The next button across the top is the Add Buyer button, and that’s simply to add a new buyer to your system.  
  • The next button is the Import/Export feature.  If you have a list of potential buyers coming from another source, you could click this button and import them, or export a list of buyers.  
  • The next tab is for our Blank Forms, and we have two blank forms inside REIPro.  The first one is an Investors Questionnaire with questions to help pre-qualify investors with what they’re looking for, how quickly they can close, and so forth.  We also have a Buyer Questionnaire form that will help you pre-qualify your buyers, especially if you’re dealing with Lease Option tenants or renters and what preferred areas they want to live in.  These are both PDF files that you can download, print, take with you on the go if you’re near a computer, or if you’re like me and like to have paper around.  
  • The Filter Buyers button is if you’re looking for a particular buyer or groups of buyers  If we click that, we will get a drop down of different buyer types and also the number of rows to return.  Again, we return by default 100, but you could have 4,000 buyers in the system and you could choose to return 500 at a time or return All.  Let’s say we’re Wholesalers and want to send out some information to all of our Investors. I can check Investor here, and you can choose one or more, but I just want Investors for this example and then click Apply.  This will filter this list down to all of your buyers that have been marked as Investors.  If you click away and then come back, it will remember that you have a filter applied.  So if you want to clear the filter, all you have to do is click Clear Filter to see all of your buyers once again.  
  • The next tab over is the List/Grid View.  By default the system is in Grid view with limited information such as name, company, email, what type of buyer you’ve marked them as, and their phone and so on.  But if you want to switch to a table, or list, view, simply click that tab to toggle between the two views. The List view is handy if you want to be able to sort all of this information in various ways.  All you have to do is click on any column heading and it will sort by that column. Again, the system will remember how you’ve set it, so if you go out of buyers and then come back, it will remember that you were in a List view.  
  • The next button is the Search button.  Maybe you’re not looking for a certain filter or type of buyer, you just want to quickly find a buyer by name or phone number.  Then you’d just start typing, and it will start to filter the list down. 
  • Then the last button is for Training, and that’s the video you’re currently watching, and you can watch this at any time by clicking the Training video.  

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