How to Import a List of Buyers



Click on your Buyers in the left side Menu, then click on Import.

  • The first step that we need to go through is we need to select the file that our buyers are in.  It needs to be a tab-delimited or a comma-delimited file. So, I’m going to click Select File and I’m going to find my buyers list.
  • Next is to match the columns from your list with the available fields inside REIPro. So, if a field that you have in your list does not pertain to a field in REIPro, simply leave the choice as Do Not Import. 


Once you’ve mapped all of these, you could click the Preview button which would give you a sampling of what you’re about to import. Then once you’re satisfied, click on Import, and it will tell you if your buyers were imported successfully, and then you can return to your Buyers list.


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