How to Manage Your Contacts


Click on the Contacts tab at the top, and you’ll come to your Contacts section.  By default we display your first 100 contacts and they will be sorted alphabetically by name or company name.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll see how many contacts you have. If you have 1,000 contacts, it will say “Showing 100 of 1000,” and there will be a Load More button to load the next 100, and so on.  


  • The first tab at the top is the Actions button.  If you select a couple of contacts, and then click Actions, you can email or delete contacts.  You can also select All and do it as a bulk operation, but you do have to select one or more contacts to utilize the Actions tab. 
  • The next button is Add Contact.
  • Next is the Import/Export button.  If you’re coming into REIPro and you have a lot of contacts somewhere else and you want to import those contacts into REIPro, you can use this.  Simply click it, choose Import contacts, and choose your file that you want to import. It does have to be a tab-delimited or a comma-delimited file.  If you need to export your contacts, click that same Import/Export button and choose Export Contacts and we will let you save it as a comma-delimited file.  
  • The next button is the Filter Contacts button. Here is where you have the opportunity to filter this list down by Contact Type, as well as change the number of Rows Returned from the default number of 100 to 500 or All if you want to see all of your contacts on the screen at once, which would be handy if you want to export all of your contacts.  This screen will also remember what you’ve filtered, so that as you navigate through different sections of REIPro, and then come back to Contacts, your filters will still be applied until you either change your filter or click Clear Filter. 
  • Next is the List/Grid View button.  By default your view of your Contacts will be in a Grid view, but you may want to change that and view it as a list of Contacts.  You do that by simply clicking List/Grid View button, which will toggle between the two. The List view comes in handy if you want to sort your list.  You can sort alphabetically by name, by email address, or by Contact Type, just by clicking one of the column headers across the top. The system will remember what view you’re on if you travel away from Contacts and then come back.  If you’re in List view and want to get back to Grid view, simply click the List/Grid View button again to toggle back.  
  • The next button is the Search button.  Just start typing and it will begin to search.  You can search your list by the contact name or phone number.  
  • The last tab at the top is the Training video icon, which is this video you’re watching now.

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