How to Order Postcards

You are able to order postcards for any Marketing campaign that has at least 1 recipient in it.  To order postcards:

  • Go to your Marketing dashboard by clicking Marketing in the main menu.
  • For the campaign you wish to order, click Order Postcards.
  • Follow the ordering steps 1-7.
    • Choose whether you would like a single mailer, a multi-touch, or a drip campaign, and choose your dates.
    • Select your postcard(s).
    • Enter in your Contact Information.  Note - If you are using a custom design that already has your contact information on it, you can select "I do not want contact information printed on postcards."
    • Approve the front and back.
    • Run LISTMaid if you would like to scrub the list further.
    • Review the order and payment and information.

You will receive a confirmation email when you place your order, and when your order is printed and mailed.  




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