How to Update Your Personal Information



How to Update Your Personal Information

Click on Account Settings in the top right corner of your screen, or the bottom of the left side Menu.       

Once inside the Account Settings you’re going to see a series of links across the top. 

My Info - is all the information pertaining to you. Here you have an avatar or picture of yourself or you can upload a company logo.

User information - first name, last name, phone, fax, cell phone, user login, email, and time zone. You’re able to change or edit any of this information. 

 * If you utilize any of the reminders in the To-Do system where we can send a text messaging alert, you need to enter a cell phone number.  

* Time zone (above Desktop Notifications) is important if you send yourself text messages, we don’t want to send you a text message at 4:00 Eastern time if you meant 4:00 Pacific time or wake you up in the middle of the night.  

Remember to Save your changes. You’ll get a confirmation at the top, that information has been saved. 

Desktop notifications -  Click on the box to receive push notifications. Turning on desktop notifications allows for REIPro to send you appointment reminders and special notices.


Then below notifications, you have User Settings.  These settings are for the Admin to control how much access each user has to the account. 


*We encourage you to keep your information current and updated.  This information is used throughout the system, such as in letters and offers to sellers.

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