How to Search for Owners Phone Number


To search for an owner's phone number when inside of a saved Property, scroll down to Step 2.  Click on the Skip Trace tab.

REIPro uses "credits" to run a skip trace for an owner.  Skip tracing in Step 2 of a saved Property uses 2 credits and returns a full report including all phone numbers associated with the owner for the last 10 years, all email addresses, and the owner's nearest relatives and their contact information as well.  Skip tracing in bulk on a Marketing campaign uses 1 credit per lead.  

On the left side of the Skip Trace tab, you will see how many credits you have left, and and how many credits are needed to run this report.  You also have the option to purchase more credits here as well.  If you purchase credits in bundles, you will get a discount:

2 credits $1

25 credits $10 (saves $2.50)

80 credits $25 (saves $15)

200 credits $50 (saves $50)

500 credits $100 (saves $150)

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