Lead Generation and Leads FAQ's

LEADPro is a powerful lead generation feature.  We have made it possible for you to search county tax records from across the United States to find vacant properties, bank owned properties, absentee owner properties, and more.  All you have to do is pick what type of search you want to run, enter the area, and that's it!

Vacant - Properties that have been deemed vacant by the USPS because mail has been undeliverable for 90 days or more.  The USPS updates this list at the beginning of every month.

Absentee Owner - Properties whose owners own the real estate, but do not live in it.

Pre-Foreclosures - Properties whose homeowners are behind on payments and a notice of default, or lis pendens, has been filed. - Note:  A property that has been filed a lis pendens will show that it is in pre-foreclosure until there is a recorded sale.  It is possible for a property to have a lis pendens filed, then the owners work out a deal with a bank, but still show as pre-foreclosure because the lis pendens is not typically removed.

Bank Owned - Real estate owned by a lender (REO).

Trusts - Real estate owned by a Trust.

High Equity - Properties where the owner lives in the property and has more than 30% equity.

Low Equity - Properties where the owner lives in the property and has less than 30% equity.

Upside Down - Properties with higher loan amount owed than current market value.

Free & Clear - Properties that are free and clear of any mortgages.

Cash Buyers - Properties that were purchased with cash by a Company or LLC, and the owner does not live at the property. 

Craigslist - A shortcut to homes for sale on craigslist.

Choose your lead search, enter in the area, choose the area from the drop-down menu, and it will take you straight to your search results.  It is important to choose the area from the drop-down menu, because that is how we are able to pull data directly from tax offices nationwide.  On the search results screen, you can narrow down your search further, save your search, or put your leads into a Direct Mail campaign.

Q: How do I search for leads?

A:  To search for leads, you would click on Lead Generation in the left Menu.  If you are on a mobile device, you would click on the 3 gray lines in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and choose Lead Generation from the drop-down menu. Then you would choose your lead type, and as you start typing in the location into the search bar, it will auto-populate in the drop-down menu for you to click on.

Q:  Where do you get your data from?

We get our data directly from county tax assessor's and recorders offices nationwide, and update our data daily M-F.  When the tax offices update their data, it's updated that day in REIPro.

Q:  Where do you get your vacant lead data from, and how often is it updated?

We get our vacant data from the USPS vacant properties list.  The USPS is the only entity that can deem a property vacant.  A property is deemed vacant if mail has been undeliverable for 90 days or more.  The USPS updates this list at the beginning of each month.

Q:  Why are vacant properties showing owner occupied?

A:   Our vacant search in LEADPro returns properties that are deemed vacant by the USPS after mail has been undeliverable to the property for 90 days. However, if the owner has not updated the tax office of their new mailing address, the tax office will still have them listed as living at that property on the tax records, even though the property is actually deemed vacant by the USPS.  And this is why the tax records show that it is owner occupied.

 Q: When I search for leads, why am I only able to see 100 but there are over 1,000 that meet my criteria?

A:  The system defaults to showing you the first 100 leads.  To view 1,000 leads per page, you would need to increase your Rows Returned from the menu at the left under Results Settings, or under the map on the right side.  If you want to add more than 1,000 leads to a campaign at a time, you would select all 1,000 leads on the first page, then go to the next page and select all, and keep doing this until all leads are selected.  Then you are able to add them all to a Marketing campaign.


Q: How do I add leads to a campaign?

A:  To add leads to a campaign from Lead Generation, you would first select the leads you want to add. If you want to add all the leads, you would check the box at the top of the search results next to "Address," to select all. Then, on the left menu bar under Marketing, you would either add them to an existing campaign or create a new campaign.  Once you do this, click on Add Selected Leads.  When you are finished adding leads, click on Go to the Marketing tab to see that campaign.


 Q: How do I save a Lead Generation search?

A: To save a Lead Generation search, you would click on the purple Save Search button in the top left side and it will ask you to name the search. Now you are able to re-run the search whenever you would like, all you have to do is click on Lead Generation in the left menu and scroll down until you see your saved searches, and click on the saved search that you'd like to rerun.  Keep in mind that this saves the search filters, not the actual properties, so the next time you run this search you could get different results.

  Q:  Why are there past auction dates for pre-foreclosures?

A: You will find both past and future auction dates available when you search in Lead Generation.  3 things can happen when a property is set for auction:  the property can be sold, the bank can take it back (making it an REO/bank owned property), or the auction could be postponed.  If you are seeing a past auction date, that means one of those three things happened, but we have not yet received the updated data.  So you might want to research the property more to find out what has occurred.

Q: Cash buyers search in Lead Generation

 A:  In Lead Generation, the Cash Buyers query searches for properties that do not have a current mortgage on file for that property, the owner does not live there, and the owner purchased it under a Company Name.  This could mean that the property was purchased with all cash from another investor.   All searches in LEADPro are meant to give you information from county tax assessor offices on the properties themselves.   If you click on an address to view the details, and then click the Mortgage Info tab, there should not be a current loan taken out associated with the most recent sale date.  If you would like to further investigate which properties were most likely purchased by one investor, you could sort the list by clicking on the Owner name column heading and it will sort the list alphabetically.  That way, you will see which properties were purchased with cash by the same person who could very likely be an investor.  

 Q:  How does New Records Only work in Lead Generation?

A:  The New Records Only button is helpful to avoid adding the same property to a campaign or your saved Properties from a Lead Generation search.  If you have already added a property to a campaign or to your saved properties in the past, and run another search with New Records Only turned on, Lead Generation will not show you that same property.  Note - This is not lead search specific.  If you find a property in Absentee owner, save it, and then run a Cash Buyers search and the same property appears, if you click New Records Only, it will take that property out of the search results.

 Q:  How does potential equity help when wholesaling?

A:  When wholesaling, in order to get a property at a discount, you would need to work with properties where the owner has a lot of equity, so that you could get it at a discount.  When Chris Goff teaches about wholesaling, he mentions that wholesalers should be looking at properties that have at least 50% equity.

 Q:  I'm looking at auction dates for pre-foreclosures and notice that some of the properties do not have a sale date/auction date. Why is that?

A:  That's a great question! The auction date isn't necessarily set as soon as the foreclosure process starts. When you look at the foreclosure tab, generally properties that have a Recording Type of LIS (lis pendens) or NOD (notice of default) do not have an auction date set yet. When the Recording Type changes to NOS (notice of sale) or NTS (notice of trustees sale), then the auction date will be set.

Q:  Can I stack multiple lead types when searching in Lead Generation?

A:  That's a great question!  Currently, Lead Generation is designed to search for one lead type at a time, however you have the ability to filter your searches to achieve your desired outcome.  For example, if you ran an Absentee Owner search in LEADPro, you can set the Potential Equity to be a minimum of 30%, click Apply, and you'll get High Equity Absentee Owned properties.  We suggest you play around with the filters to see if you can get the functionality that you want.  And keep in mind that the filters will vary based on which lead search you are doing. 

Q: How do I export my leads into an Excel file?

A:  Exporting is done through the Marketing dashboard. You would first need to add the leads into an existing campaign, or create a new campaign.  Once your leads are in a campaign, click on Marketing in the left side Menu. Here, you will see your campaigns. To export, you would click on the download/export icon in the top right corner of any campaign.

Q: How do I import leads? 

A:  All importing is done through the Marketing dashboard.  To import leads, make sure that the file is in a .csv or .txt file.  Click on Marketing in the left Menu, and then click Import Leads. This will walk you through the Importing process.   

Required Fields for Mapping when importing:

Option 1: House Number, Street Name, City, State, Zip
Option 2: Street Address, City, State, Zip

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