How to Upload a Profile Picture



To upload your profile picture, head to your Account Settings.  

In Account Settings - Under My Info (Main Account Settings screen), Click on Upload to upload your profile picture.

A box will pop up for you to drop your profile picture into or you can click the box to open your picture library on your device.

Once the picture library is open you can choose your profile picture.


Once you choose the profile picture you want click and drag it to the box.

When you first add the profile picture you have 3 icons at the bottom to delete (trashcan icon), edit (paper & pencil icon) & upload (upward facing arrow underlined).  You have to click the upload icon to set this image as your profile picture.


If you edit the picture you need to click on the Confirm tab to save the changes to the picture. Click on the upload icon to complete the upload of your profile picture. 

To delete your profile picture click on ‘Upload’ then click on the trashcan icon, click on close and then refresh your page.


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